In "Serie 2" the flexed stand is refined and adapted to a series of pre made eggs. Both products evolved into a single light-object and sculpture.


It can be clearly seen that each light-object is a entity, where the stand and the egg are one.


Since the stand is long and under tension, wind and base-vibration transfer their rhythm to the object.


This pulse and the reflective chrome of the stand make the object interact with the color, sound and movement of its surrounding.


Reflective elements of the egg enhance this effect. While subtle engravings can be sufficient to substitute a complex surrounding.

It seams that a simple stand and a more complex egg work together well.



While more complex eggs can also be enframed by tangled shapes without being overloaded, as long as they follow the same rhythm.


It was difficult to find the optimum in the base-circle, which had to be small enough to be elegant while it needs to be large enough to balance the egg.

The correct frame enlightens and embraces even the most humble egg.


Looked at from every angle the stand must be equally in harmony with the egg.