I specialised on design inspired by nature, let a charming holiday house and run a farm in the Austrian mountains.

Born 1978 in Canberra I spend my youth in Germany, Austria and England. After graduating the International Baccalaureate I moved to Vienna where I studied Economics until I took over a farming and forestry business in the Austrian Alps. Inspired by the encountered efficiency and the thorough perfection of natural design I slowly evolved to become a product designer with the urge to transform natural design into the living world of us all.

All products mirror inspiration through nature and its growth-driven urge to simplify and improve. Such aesthetic object of a high usability and a timeless elegance were created.

holiday house to let originated in the 17th century. While renovating I took close care that authentic technologies and materials were used wherever they did not conflict the 21st century expectations towards comfort. The special charm is a result of the authenticity in combination with modern luxuries.

Forstgut Hinterbreiteneben
Johannes Hoyos
A-3293 Lunz am See
Breiteneben 2
+43 699 12581519